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Pot 5 Reasons

Do you want REAL Cannabis legalization in California in 2016?

Jack Herrer

Are you looking forward to the potential of Cannabis legalization in California come 2016? So am I! Have been for quite some time now. Since 2009 I have actually dedicated my life to sharing and educating people about the truths and potential of Cannabis Hemp. Its one of the main reasons I am writing this article today. The future of Cannabis legalization in California may seem almost destined to pass with flying colors in 2016. I assure you, it is not going to be as simple as it is perceived. What some may consider legalization, doesn’t necessarily equate to the legalization you may be expecting. Now with that being said, there are only a few ways to ensure that real legalization happens in 2016. And almost all of them start and end with you. Yeah you, the reader. Not just you, me and everyone else also.

First things first. If you’re sitting back waiting for the (DPA) Drug Policiy Alliance, (Norml) National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws, (ASA) Americans For Safe Access, and other so-called activists groups to deliver legalization for you. You probably would not get to excited about the final result. Do you believe they will form an initiative that favors the average patient, or consumer over the current medical marijuana industry leaders and stake holders? If you do, you have been sadly mislead. Why? Because these very organizations are ran and supported by, you guessed it, the very Industry leaders and business owners who enjoy their absorbent profits from the current unregulated model. How could I possibly know this? I have seen it first hand. I have traveled up and down this state to several cannabis events sponsored by these groups. I have seen the subversion they use to promote the Industry over the plant itself. I specifically recall the big ASA lobbying event at the state capitol a few years back. Where they specifically advertised the weekend as a patient lobbying day. So I wanted to check this lobbying day out for myself. I figured at least it would be an educational experience. Which it was, for several reasons.

Jack JointWhen we arrived at this local union hall in the middle of nowhere in Sacramento one of the first things I noticed was there was a lot of dress shirts and Dockers. Everywhere! They all had their ASA lobbying day badges around their Necks looking professional. They had very nice and lavish charter buses they had rented to bus the “Patients” from other districts to Sacramento. Where were these patients? After clambering around during their meeting recording what I could with my camera I had seen virtually no patients. Every word out of their mouths was about lobbying there representatives the following day at the capitol building . All about regulating the medical marijuana industry. The thing I found most interesting was after the meeting I wanted to speak with some of these patients and get there take on the meeting. Almost every single person I spoke with was a patient in the legal sense, but not your everyday average patient. They were all Industry insiders, and Dispensary owners there to lobby their representatives for more restrictive regulations in regards to the medical cannabis industry. I think one of the most telling signs was how excited Don Duncan got once Stephan Deangelo and his Brother showed up at the capitol building. My point is, they tell you one thing to your face, and do another behind closed doors. They verbally promote legalization, regulation and reform. But not the kind that benefits the everyday consumer and patient. If you are relying on them to author something that will meet your needs as a Consumer or a Patient. Think again!

One of my favorite Hemp activists Chris Conrad wrote a really good piece back during the TaxCannabis prop-19 debate. ( http://weedactivist.com/2010/07/25/another-word-on-jack-and-prop-19-from-chris-conrad/ ) (Excerpt) – Initially Jack deeply hated Prop 215. He literally stumped up and down the state cursing out hemp activists who backed it. He screamed at us, called us traitors for working on medical use, and claimed that Dennis Peron was secretly against legalization. When 215 was filed, Jack filed the California Hemp Initiative (CHI) on the 1996 ballot to block it. and changed the name to “California Hemp _and Health_ Initiative” so people signing it would think they had signed Prop 215, to mess with the signature count. When I called him on it, he said he was trying to keep Prop 215 off the ballot because, among other things, “people will stop working for legalization and we’ll be stuck with medical forever. No hemp, no legalization; that will be the end.” Later he circulated the CCU petitions for pay, then before the election came to support it completely. Now some people actually credit Jack for ‘passing Prop 215. Jack vociferously opposed Senate Bill 420, but he loved the dispensaries it allowed to open. ( click the Above link to read the entire piece).


Jacks words – “people will stop working for legalization and we’ll be stuck with medical forever. No hemp, no legalization; that will be the end.” Jack Knew it then, and they also knew it then. Guess what ? They still know it now! This is exactly what we have been dealing with for the last 19 years. The industry leaders and club owners don’t want there quasi legal black market profits going anywhere. So enter the DPA, Norml and ASA with their attempts at dividing the legalization movement as a whole. They certainly don’t want the everyday average consumer to be able to cultivate their own Cannabis at home, over buying their middle man marked up products in their stores. Do you think (Norml), (ASA) and the (DPA) want everyone in California cultivating a possible 99 plants legally? Do you think they want to lose that revenue stream? Not just the dispensary owners and industry leaders but the activist groups themselves? No they don’t! and they are very active right now at subverting attention away from the CCHI 2016 initiative for other initiatives that have not even been written yet. Yet they all love to invoke the legacy of jack Herer. Like Stephan Deangelo of Harborside in Oakland Ca. One of the Worlds largest dispensaries in the world by the way. He constantly speaks of how good friends him and Jack were, and how they shared the same vision in regards to legalization and cannabis, Well I will have to beg to differ here. I personally asked Stephan Deangelo during the CCHI 2012 signature campaign, at Harborside’s yearly shindig called The Deep Green Festival if he supported the Jack here Initiative. He simply replied, I do not support any initiative until they have already registered for the ballot. So the man who makes the most money, and the most profits in California, from the Patients of the medical cannabis industry no less, won’t support or finance any legalization effort until it has already officially made the ballot. Share the same vision my ass!


The point is,  if you rely on industry leaders, and activists groups to do the work for you,  you’d better get ready for a heaping pile of disappointment. Trust me when I say they will let you down every time. In the words of Jack Herer – “You guys have to be ‪warriors‬ for your own ‪freedom‬. You can’t ‪depend‬ on me or anyone else to do it for you. This freedom comes from our willingness to put our acts on the line and teach people all the comprehensive information we have learned about cannabis hemp.”  We don’t need big money, we need big motivation and big determination from an educated base of citizenry. The CCHI 2016 is organizing up and down, and throughout the entire state as I write this article. We are organizing a base of volunteers and supporters to get the signatures necessary to qualify for the November 2016 ballot. Please click the link at the top right of the site for more information on how you can get involved with the fight to liberate cannabis 100% for everyone.








Pot 5 Reasons: Cannabis Should Be Legal Part 2

In Part One, we discussed both the criminal and financial reasons why we should legalize cannabis. We talked about how the current marijuana trade is the largest income maker for the black market. We theorized that legalization would take the profits away from the underground and create jobs in the private sector.

For our final three reasons, we take our view away from the broad picture and focus on the individual. Here we will look at the trees from the forest and discover a couple of logical reasons why every adult should have his option of choice. We look at the civil rights of not only the persons but also at the life of a plant. Can you guess which one?

Pot Three Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

#3 Cannabis Is Our Beer

“I like to smoke my beer” – Overheard at a party

I’ve heard the above quote a couple times and the reasoning is sound. Some of us don’t care for alcohol. Sure, they may drink from time to time but they prefer green nuggets to amber hops. These are people who would rather opt for a recreational release that leaves no hang over or damage to their liver. And it should be their civil right to do so.

For the ardent prohibitionist among us, who think that Cannabis is a drug and Alcohol is alright if not consumed whilst driving, I have one question. How many Families do you know that have been torn apart by marijuana? Personally I don’t know one.

However Alcohol abuse has ruined many families. AA meetings are filled with down and out stories from the bottom of a bottle. It’s no wonder that you don’t hear of Marijuana Anonymous very often.

#2 Cannabis is Preemptive Medication

There are numerous studies printed in numerous periodicals that speak of the medical benefits of marijuana. Don’t take my word for it, go out and read a couple for yourself. You will learn that not only is cannabis a helpful medication for treating a number of aliments, from inflammation to MS, promising preliminary studies show that marijuana may prevent and even cure many types of cancer.

I know at the beginning, I started out by saying that we are not here to talk about Marijuana as a medicine. And we aren’t. However, we are talking about preventative medication. In a Medical Marijuana environment, a sick patient is allowed to use cannabis as medication. Yet, a non-sick person is only allowed the medication available at the local pharmacy.

Therefore in a Medical Marijuana environment, a person needs to get sick before he can use the medication that might have prevented the sickness. Legalization would ensure that all adults would have access to both over the counter medication and medical marijuana, cannabis, or dabs.

Having said that, my mission is not to force you to a believe that Cannabis is some kind of super medicine, you can believe whatever you want. My mission is to be the owner of my own destiny. I smoke tobacco and my belief is that a cannabis regiment counteracts some of the negative effects of smoking tobacco. I feel there is enough proof out there that supports my theory. If you think that is pure poppy cock, that is O.K.

My point is we live in America, land of the free. We are free to believe all kinds of crazy ideas. If one persons belief has no negative impact on others, then they should be able to practice their belief.

And now for the #1 reason why Marijuana legalization is logical…

#1 Cannabis is a Plant!

Aren’t we killing enough plants through deforestation of the planet? Through the loss of our rain forests, fraking, and mountain top excavation, how many species of plants have we lost? Yet here we go again and place another of “God’s” creations upon the alter of extinction. To paraphrase the big man with a tan, “Our reasoning is illogical!”- Spock, Star Trek.

Hemp, marijuana, cannabis, it’s all boring old plant life. Yet in this fast paced “advanced” time, cannabis continues to foster a rather impressive sub-culture of arm-chair botanists. Americans, your neighbors, peace loving, hell even red, white, and blue loving Americans care about a plant. This public, who we always assume is wired up, spoon fed mass media and zombied out on gadgets galore, shows interest in botany and we want to stop this?

Though amateurs aren’t the only ones effected by legalization of marijuana. Hemp can grow in all 50 states and, according to Jack Herer’s “The Emperor Wears No Cloths“, hemp reinvigorates top soil. So for plants like tobacco that can only be grown so many times in one area, hemp can be used in rotating crops to keep our top soil producing all sorts of plant life.

And We didn’t even mention that hemp can be used to make rope, clothing and, hell even, bio diesel. The current problem with Ethanol is that it takes too much corn to produce enough quantity. If only we had a plant that can grow anywhere in a quick amount of time… Well we might know of a plant out there that may solve this problem.

Now go make sure your friends know about that sweet girl, Mary Jane.

Cannabis Wrap Up!

There you go, my Pot 5 Reasons: Marijuana should be legal are down in the books. We need cannabis legalization to end the terror and violence of the black market, to gain the employment of our fellow countrymen for a way that benefits society, because Cannabis is our Beer, and marijuana is our preemptive medicine. Yet most of all we NEED legalization because Hemp is a plant.

In these times near the “end of oil” and maybe even sustainable drinking water, we must remember that we require all the plant life we can get.

There are my Pot 5 Reasons: Cannabis should be legal, what are yours?
Leave a comment and let us know.

Join us next time: Pot 5 Reasons: TBA