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Let My People Grow ( EPISODE 15 )

Same #BUD #TIME same BUD #CHANNEL Weednesday nights 9:00-11:00 with your host Dusty Bowlz

(Be sure to share this link. It’s the best way to listen to the live broadcast)

We have another amazing #Guest lined up for all you #LMPG listeners this evening. Tonight Chef Mike Delao will be on the show to discuss his mastery of the Cannabis culinary arts. Chef Mike is a culinary graduate from Orange Coast College and an Instructor at Brew Hawg BBQ and Brewing Co.

Even more amazing #Music from new #Artists, #Musicians, and #Bands. You will hear from the #Terpsichords, #DIgginDirt, #TheGreenMachine, #Aphrodesia, #Ancestree, and #BigStickyMess. Go check these guys out @ bandcamp.com and on social media. We will be discussing #Events that the #CCHI2016 has planned or will be attending or attended. We will also be chatting #News and #Grow Tips and Tricks and much more on tonight’s episode of Let My People Grow.


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